The Sand Music Festival Pop Up Barbie Season

Welcome to the most exciting and vibrant event of the season The SAND MUSIC FESTIVAL POP UP Barbie Season at StaMag Café this coming 29th July 2023

Prepare to groove and move to the beats of some of the most talented artists Aidfest MadnessKineo Madness. Our incredible DJ lineup is set to deliver a diverse mix of chart-toppers, pop anthems, and electrifying dance tracks that will keep you on your feet throughout the festival.

This Event gives you a chance to get yourself a SAND MUSIC FESTIVAL EARLY BIRD TICKET at only MK20,000.HAPPY HOUR ENTRY at MK3000, MK2000 (if dress in all pink outfit)And MK5000 AFTER 5PM,MK4000 (if dressed in all pink)We have the best barbie booth set for your outfits.

The first best 4 Barbie outfits to get 2k likes In 24/ 48hrs from our social media pages with get a free pass ticket to the SAND MUSIC FESTIVAL.. DONT MISS!!!

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